Author: alexsampson

  • Across The Fretboard In 5 Simple Steps

    [gs_8a] [info]Please Note: Headphones or External Speakers Are Recommended When Viewing Videos to Properly Hear the Bass[/info] [s3mediastream]s3streamingvideo,,1,0,0,freecontent+pentatonicshapes.mp4,s2t22t834jhxsn,1800,no,sbpsvideoposter.png,,bottom-left,,no,580,326,yes,over,polishedmetal,,,,no,no,no,sbps3private,0[/s3] [hr] In today’s video lesson we’ll tackle two questions I folks hit me up with all the time… The first is about getting more control of the entire width of the fretboard and being able to play […]