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  • Riffing With The Pentatonic Scale – Part1

    [gs_8a] [info]Please Note: Headphones or External Speakers Are Recommended When Viewing Videos to Properly Hear the Bass[/info] [s3mediastream]s3streamingvideo,,1,0,0,freecontent+pentatonicpower1.mp4,s2t22t834jhxsn,1800,no,sbpsvideoposter.png,,bottom-left,,no,580,326,yes,over,polishedmetal,,,,no,no,no,sbps3private,0[/s3] [hr] Hey guess what we’re doing today? That’s right… Playing some pretty cool bass riffs, from some pretty cool tunes, so go grab your pretty cool bass if you can and let’s dive in. But more than […]