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[headline_tahoma_small_centered color=”#CC0000″]”An Open Letter To Any Beginner or Intermediate Who Wants A Faster, More Direct Method to Becoming A Highly Effective,[line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break]Gig Ready Bassist – FAST!”[/headline_tahoma_small_centered]

If you’ve decided to pick up playing the bass but can’t afford to spend 6 hours a day practicing, deciphering theory and memorizing a 1,000 scales, this will be one of the most exciting messages you’ve ever read!

HERE’S WHY: Whether you’re a complete and total newbie who’s overwhelmed, confused, and unsure about the best approach to use to kick-start your bass playing…

…OR you’re an intermediate player who’s frustrated with your progress so far, chances are you simply don’t have hours and hours of free time to dedicate to practicing everyday. So having to digest the equivalent of a year’s worth of music theory or follow a long drawn out, overly complicated, system with too many moving parts is probably NOT going to get you very far…

And that’s exactly why I developed “The Simple Bass Playing System”.

It took me over 15 years (practicing as a bassist myself), tens of thousands of dollars doing music lessons and thousands of hours dedicated to teaching and interacting with students like yourself to make this system a surefire winner, but it was completely worth it!

I was able to take all the complex teaching, all the confusing theory and a mammoth library of great bass lines played by world class pros and condense it into a simple, easy-to-follow system that quite honestly works like crazy!

You don’t have to have a music degree to play just as well (or better) than the guy who does have one…

…You don’t have to memorize an encyclopedia of scales because I’ll show you smarter ways play damn good bass without having to think about them at all!

…It is simple, straightforward and bursting at the seems with countless real step-by-step examples and demonstrations, and it’ll kick your playing into high gear FAST!

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  • …If you’re not lazy but you are busy and you can’t waste time on “10,000 things that could work”…
  • …If you would love someone just lay out a plan for you that HAS BEEN PROVEN to work even under severe time constraints…
  • …If you’re looking ways to rapidly develop your technique, vocabulary, rhythmic sensibility and musicality to admirable levels and give you the confidence to sit in a wide range of musical situations knowing that you CAN “hang with the gang”…


…Then “The Simple Bass Playing System” isn’t just “A” method for you… It’s the “ONLY” method for you.

And today I’d like to make you a *RISK FREE* offer, backed by a 90 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee to try the Simple Bass Playing System yourself and see if it doesn’t beat the pants of anything else you’ve tried before.

– Alex Sampson
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[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#CC0000″]“Is This The Simplest, Most Straightforward, Bass Playing *System* On the Internet?”[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#000000″]…If you’re a beginner or rookie intermediate player who’s[line_break]Insert Your Text Here[/line_break]SHORT ON PRACTICE TIME I most certainly think it is![/headline_arial_small_centered]

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[text_bar_1 background=”#CC0000″ + width=”550px”]The Beginner’s Primer Module[/text_bar_1]

…If you’re an ABSOLUTE NEWBIE, perhaps you just bought your first instrument, or you’re thinking of getting a bass soon, we have a Primer Module just for YOU!

…17 powerful lessons that will get you up to speed and in the game FAST!… From how to tune the bass and setting up your amp for great tone to technique builders and being able to play your first few songs…

…This module is designed for the sole purpose of giving every single NEWBIE the foundation and understanding they need (no matter if you NEVER PLAYED ANYTHING BEFORE) so that they have NO EXCUSE for not getting maximum value out of the high-intensity skill-building concepts shared in the following 3 modules!

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[text_bar_1 background=”#CC0000″ + width=”550px”]Module 1 – WHAT To Play[/text_bar_1]

Once the beginners are up to speed it’s time to get to the really good stuff…

In Module 1, I’m going to download a powerful and versatile “musical vocabulary database” into your mind through a series of short digestible videos…

You’ll discover a far more dependable way to learn the fretboard than trying to memorize notes and fail safe ways to know exactly what to play no matter how ‘fancy’ a progression the song has.

Basically you’ll walk away with the ability to select “note content” like a pro, whether you’re looking at a chord chart, OR just HEARING A SONG played by your buddies!

And we do it all without an ounce of music theory…

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[text_bar_1 background=”#CC0000″ + width=”550px”]Module 2 – WHEN To Play[/text_bar_1]

Module 2 is all about how to zero in on some of the strongest most magnetic pulses in any music you hear and train your hands to groove hard…

I’m gonna show you my very best and latest information on how anyone can develop solid rhythmic and groove skills…

You see once we have some notes to play over the chord progressions it’s time to arrange those notes into irresistible, foot tapping, head bopping grooves…

…and while some people do have a naturally strong sense of groove, believe me, it is something that you can absolutely learn to lock into…


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[text_bar_1 background=”#CC0000″ + width=”550px”]Module 3 – HOW To Play[/text_bar_1]

At the risk of sounding overly ‘hypey’ the concepts covered in module 3 literally have the potential to completely revolutionize your bass playing forever.

This is where I show you how to take your playing from “OKish” to “This dude can PLAY!” and demonstrate you how to apply key musicality devices that really give your playing a nice coat of polish to have it really shine…

The best musicians in the world understand that HOW you play something is probably far more important than what you play and that’s what this section is all about…

Learning HOW to make your bass lines, and grooves irresistible to a listener and secure your spot in you band by making them sound like solid gold!


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[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#CC0000″]I Also Have $166 Worth of Fast Action Bonuses For Ya![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

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The “Simple Bass Playing System” comes with a no-questions, no-quibbles, 90 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason at all, you later decide that the course isn’t perfect for you, just send back the printed manual and I’ll buy it back from you at the full purchase price.

And because you get INSTANT ACCESS to bulk of the training immediately after your purchase, you really do have *A FULL 90 DAYS* to use and benefit from it all without any obligation to keep it – Just to make sure that it is everything I say AND MORE.

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