Riffing With The Pentatonic Scale – Part2


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In today’s mini lesson we continue where we started off in riffing on a few cool ‘jaunts’ that make use of the pentatonic scale…

As before I just need to remind you to take a look at the previous video lesson entitled “Around the Fretboard In 5 Simple Steps” to ensure you have all FIVE (5) Pentatonic shapes below your fingers.

Secondly remember that in the video I am purposefully moving riffs out of the original key just for uniformity… In other words because the first video coached you through the Pentatonic Scale in the key of C, I am “forcing” all the riffs we learn today into “C”.

Once you have the shapes and riffs under your fingers feel free to move things around, not only back to the original keys of the recordings but also to any random key you like for both technique and ear training purposes.

Let’s take a quick look at a few bass riffs from; [listcheck]
  • My Girl by The Temptations
  • Beat It by Michael Jackson
  • Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
[/listcheck] [/gs_8a]

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  1. Dennis Heaven
    11 years ago

    Alex thanks alot even though I have been out there a long time your products are rapidly changing the way I practice . It has taken me off the upright and all my samandl and Nanny studies and has given me a time to be more expressive. God bless you. Please send me the fret board product as I need to tighten up on that concept.

    • alexsampson
      11 years ago

      Hey Dennis, man I appreciate you bro… Thanks for your support and loyalty. Blessings to you and yours… About getting Fretboard Formula I’ll have someone send you a special link by email 😉

  2. Chuck Wertzberger
    10 years ago

    Beginner at 73 yrs of age.

    • alexsampson
      10 years ago

      Welcome Chuck…

  3. charles
    10 years ago

    i want to get started with your lessons

  4. rick
    10 years ago

    Man, u just convinced me on what I wanna learn and will with u to help me. thanks bro.

  5. willie wilson
    10 years ago

    Greate Stuf love it