Across The Fretboard In 5 Simple Steps


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In today’s video lesson we’ll tackle two questions I folks hit me up with all the time…

The first is about getting more control of the entire width of the fretboard and being able to play more comfortably in different areas…

…And the second is about what are some of the most useful “scales” a beginner needs to know to get playing fast.

Now while it’s true (and in my opinion perfectly ok) that you can get started playing without knowing any scales at all, I understand where the question is coming from.

Incidentally I have a ton of very cool tricks I can teach folks like yourself that’ll quickly give you more and more fretboard fluency (as I call it) but today I want to cover one simple exercise that ties together answers for both questions!

We’ll be looking at what is easily one of the most popularly used scales in almost any form of music, as well as how to break it into digestible pieces that allow you to make it all across the fretboard like a boss…

Go grab your bass (and a metronome if you have one) and let’s get down to it.

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  1. kelvin minor
    11 years ago

    Alex…you’re a great teacher…Thks for enhancing my skills…4yrs under your teaching….

    • alexsampson
      11 years ago

      Awesome Kelvin – Thanks for the kind words man!

  2. Petit
    11 years ago

    Thanks Alex
    You are the great

  3. Kevin Butler
    11 years ago

    Love it.

  4. Ash South Africa
    11 years ago

    This is great man,helps me to stay within the key and choose good notes.

  5. Thomas Chase
    10 years ago

    It’s amazing how you can cement this info into someone’s memory when my former bass teacher never had the ability to teach like this!

  6. kayode
    10 years ago

    hey great stuff want to know more

  7. Gary Duvall
    10 years ago

    I really dig your teaching style simple and to the point Alex man I don’t have aNy of your stuff yet but I want it all ok peace Gary T. Duvall

    • alexsampson
      10 years ago

      Thanks Gary – Looking forward to have you join us on the inside bruh!

  8. Denver
    10 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks! Now I understand how it works. Always want to play bass, but to busy. Thanks Alex. Not everyone is a teacher, but you are a true teacher.

  9. Cesar Santana
    10 years ago

    I found the information to be interesting and motivating, from a beginner’s point of view. The way you explain ( teach ) the material is excellent.

  10. David Ferry
    10 years ago

    Thank you this was a great help for me. Also can you play the bass with a thick pick. I play a dobro and the pick that I am talking about is the thumb pick.

  11. Fred Smith
    10 years ago


  12. Willis Wilson
    10 years ago

    Thanks Alex, for taking the time to break these courses down. I have come along way thanks to you and these outstanding lessons. I am really enjoying the Fretboard Formula Master Classes . I am hopeing that you will do more on Gospel Bass in the future or if there is a DVD on Gospel Bass Playing please let me know . These classes are incredible, keep up the outstanding teaching as i look forward to other new lessons.


    • alexsampson
      10 years ago

      Hey Willis great to hear! Cheers bro!