Riffing With The Pentatonic Scale – Part1


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Hey guess what we’re doing today?

That’s right… Playing some pretty cool bass riffs, from some pretty cool tunes, so go grab your pretty cool bass if you can and let’s dive in.

But more than just riffing a few songs, I kinda wanted to show you the application of something we covered in a previous video – The Pentatonic scale…

(Arguably one of the most used and certainly one of the most versatile) in your scale toolbox.

…This is the first part of a two part series where we’ll try to cover a total of maybe 6 song riffs that all make (almost exclusive) use of the pentatonic scale… We’re gonna see just how much music you can play with basically 5 little notes!

OK – If you haven’t yet watched that video (it’s titled “Around the Fretboard In 5 Simple Steps”) then stop this video and go take a look at it, because I’ll be referring to a few Pentatonic shapes I had previously mentioned in that video lesson.

Once you’re up to speed hop back over here and we’ll tackle some bass riffs from the following songs:


  • I Want You Back by The Jackson 5
  • Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley
  • Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5


If you’re just starting out hopefully you’ll leave here today with a few fun pieces of musical vocabulary under your fingers!







5 responses to “Riffing With The Pentatonic Scale – Part1”

  1. Joseph Avatar

    Thanks Alex,
    The presentation was short but clear, that even a beginner who just started playing for a less than a month can easily get the method.

  2. Len Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    Great videos but I have trouble streaming them as my internet speed is too slow. Is there a way I can down load them on to my hard drive and play them from there?

    Regards Len Oldridge

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hi Len sorry but downloads aren’t allowed at the moment… cheers

  3. Ernie Morris Avatar
    Ernie Morris

    ive been playing for a while and decided to take lessons im sure he is a good teacher but i have no musical therory at all but hes teaching flats and 5ths but watching you with the patterns seems like its a lot easier i want to get into it more im old…………in my 50s so reading i dont think is going to help me much…………i need more of your training and by the way i play left handed can you help me thanks alex

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hey Ernie, you’re gonna love this: http://simplebassplayingsystem.com/ordersbps

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