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Now *FREE*: The “Bass Ignition” Crash Course… “The No-Theory ‘Fast Track’ Bass Learning System With Over 2,317 *Rave Reviews*
To Date!..”

Here’s what you’ll learn in these
7 *FREE* videos:

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  • Lesson #1 – Discover the controversial but ultra-powerful no-theory ‘language trick’ to improving your bass playing that works 10 times better and FASTER than learning a bunch of scales…
  • Lesson #2 – See how almost any beginner or intermediate player can instantly access 10% – 25% more speed, clarity and reach by tuning up your technique with 2 exercises I learned from a masterful classical guitarist, and 6 specific changes to how you hold the bass…
  • Lesson #3 – The 2 *BULLET PROOF* bass patterns all my students know and use to create truly exceptional bass lines, that can get them through almost ANY jam situation they find themselves in — I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use these to come up with great-sounding ORIGINAL bass lines even if you’re hearing a song FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!
  • Lesson #4 – The “Fretboard Speed Reading” method that’ll have you shaking your head in disbelieve at how simple it is to learn see the entire fretboard the way advanced players do – You can learn this in a SINGLE SITTING… And if you’ve been doing anything else you’ve been working WAY to hard!
  • Lesson #5 – 3 ‘goto’ ear-grabbing bass fills you can use to flavor your bass grooves for ANY STYLE of music you play… I’ll show you exactly what chords they fit over and note-for-note how to adapt them to any key!
  • Lesson #6 – A fun 10 minute ear training exercise that’ll not only sharpen your musical ear, but give you great loads of great-sounding ammunition to use for playing bass lines of all styles…
  • Lesson #7 – My mystery ‘secret-weapon’ that simultaneously improves your GROOVE AND your creativity, day by day…



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