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Next to jamming frequently with a band, one of the most fun and high value things you can do to enhance all aspects of your playing is to practice coming up with bass lines and playing along to high quality jam tracks.

It allows you to simultaneously work on developing your ear, your technique, fretboard familiarity and much more…

Today I want to give you a COMPLIMENTARY 2-pack of high quality bass-removed jam tracks in the style of your choice.

Simply look below and select the style of tracks that you want and I’ll drop you the downloads by email immediately.

This way you can download them anytime at your convenience if you’re currently at work or using a mobile device.


– Alex Sampson (Creator)
The Simple Bass Playing System

PS. Remember… You only get one selection that can’t be changed so choose carefully. 🙂

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[toggle title=”1 Alternative Rock & 1 Funk Rock – (2 Tracks Total)”]


[toggle title=”1 Gospel & 1 Christian Contemporary – (2 Tracks Total)”]


[toggle title=”1 Blues & 1 Country – (2 Tracks Total)”]


[toggle title=”1 NeoSoul & 1 R&B – (2 Tracks Total)”]


[toggle title=”1 Jazz Fusion & 1 Funk – (2 Tracks Total)”]




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