Video 1 – 5 Irresistible Beginner Bass Songs

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#CC0000″]Video #1 – 5 Irresistible Beginner Bass Riffs Every Bass Player Ought to Know.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Please look *BELOW* the video for a *BLUE BUTTON* that says
*DOWNLOAD TABS* if you need help with the notes!

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1,583 responses to “Video 1 – 5 Irresistible Beginner Bass Songs”

  1. lendric gerren Avatar

    some good stuff.learning took place. thanks

  2. Herman King Avatar
    Herman King

    Very nice video clip, it’s great to see someone that’s at least trying to help out beginning bass players without charging them an arm & leg. Thanks a million.

  3. James Harris Avatar
    James Harris

    Thanks as I am a new Bass player for two years now. I am 76 and my hands and music mine is a problem. I lost my right thumb back in 93. Thanks for all your tips and kindness.

  4. T. Murphy Avatar
    T. Murphy

    Great lesson, Alex. I’m in that “beginner intermediate” group, and the lesson was really helpful. Any practice on lines with ghost notes rocks!

  5. Gary Avatar

    Thanks Alex.
    This is a great video, definitely will try to practice them in my limited spare time.

  6. Paul Phinney Avatar
    Paul Phinney

    theses short lessons are great – even I can learn what you are showing – keep up the good work!!!

    Thank You
    An overagebeginner

  7. Tim West Avatar
    Tim West

    Hi Alex,

    I am a tad better than a rookie intermediate. I play several of the songs you illustrated now with a band. This kind of instruction is right up my alley. Thanks.


  8. John Avatar

    Hi Alex..thanks for some classic riffs….we need more like this

    cheers from uk

  9. Bill Avatar

    Another great vid Alex !!! As always your teaching style is easy to follow and comprehensive in approach. Thank you, keep them coming !!!

  10. George Avatar

    Great stuff feel i have learned something already cheers from the U.K>

  11. Mike Smith Avatar
    Mike Smith

    Brilliant as always, so smooth in your changes, keep them coming.

  12. Jessica Avatar

    This is just what I needed to get a good bass playing foundation.


  13. Todd Avatar

    Rookie intermediate. That’s me. I can identify with this group as you have defined it. This is great! Stuff I can use without all the extra fluff!

  14. steve coes Avatar
    steve coes

    I must admit that your intro said it all for me. Being one of those who is always short on practice time, I was getting frustrated. The original package had so much stuff in it that it was daunting. The short lessons here will provide a little pick-me-up for those times when I’m feeling like I’m never going to get any better. Thanks.

  15. Glenn osborne Avatar
    Glenn osborne

    Great riffs. Will be alot of help

  16. al Avatar

    always good to see cool stuff

  17. hector Avatar

    Great lesson. Wish you have some spanic music

  18. Rick Sherfy Avatar
    Rick Sherfy

    Excellent job…thanks!

  19. Lee Avatar

    I am an old beginner. Your “slo-mo” replay is perfect for me picking up on desperately needed tips.


  20. chris Avatar

    This is excellent. Straightforward. If this doesn’t get you playing straight away nothing will.


  21. Ladrick Avatar

    This is just what i was looking for. Thanks.

  22. Eddie Woods Avatar
    Eddie Woods

    I love your demos in the short video. It had some popular tunes that I always want to learn. I think I can get it from the video.

  23. Zach Simms Avatar
    Zach Simms

    Thanks! Exactly what I’m looking for!

  24. Mike haag Avatar
    Mike haag

    Thank you for the email. I am definitely, in the category that you described. I practice and jam with other musicians whenever I can. But, as you stated time is always an issue. In which I end up using tablature as a crutch sometimes just to get a song down quickly. Again thank you for the email and video.

  25. Reggie Wickham Avatar
    Reggie Wickham

    You should get the Teacher of the Year award! Your style is awesome — the way you break everything down and make musical concepts and bass lines so simple, understandable and achievable.
    Once again… thank you!

  26. Akin Avatar

    Thats really cool but lt will be nice showing how you use the right hand too to complement what the left hand is playing on the fret board.

  27. Ken Briscoe Avatar
    Ken Briscoe

    Great instructional video; really helped to expand fretboard knowledge; keep them coming. Is there anyway to download this video to computer?


  28. Robin Avatar

    Great stuff. Thanks for providing some stuff for the beginner.

  29. avram G Avatar
    avram G

    hey Alex, I don’t know if you are a mind reader
    but this is the stuff that i’v been looking for
    thanks a lot


  30. Charles Avatar

    Thanks, Alex

  31. William Rees Avatar
    William Rees

    I enjoyed this demonstration, at was so informative. I was trying to figure out what scales or patterns you were using on these song. I bought you bassguitarsecrets course and it helps, but I have a problem with it, when the licks or riffs are played they don’t tell me what scale you use or mode. I have a problem like you said in this video of coming up with creative bass lines. I tried the modes and pentatonic scales and can’t figure out how to use them. I might explain I have a time with rhythms as Im not a good reader at all, I slow down runs to figure what has been played and then try to copy them, this too get old, and depressing. I wished had money for more of your videos, but on a fixed income thats not possible so I rely on these blogs you put out, so don’t quite. Thanks again Bill Rees

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hey Will, well one way to approach it is to understand the scales and theory behind it all, and while that is great try not to get discourage in the event that you don’t. The method I teach for folks learning riffs is closer to the way you learn to use words… Grammar rules come *after* you already start speaking… Likewise getting the sound or a lick in your ear and under your fingers is initially more important and more useful than thinking about the rules… Some folks are very analytical (I am) but trust me… Just pick one of two of the licks and learn them.. Hum, sing whistle it… And get to the point where you know it like you know a word like “terrific”… Eventually its use will be as natural as talking!

  32. Delrecole Avatar

    Thank you for valuable tips! The video clips are great!

  33. Walter Avatar

    Cool riffs! Can’t wait to get home strap on my bass and get to playing. What we would be a bonus is some talk about the theory behind the lines to help us understand their construction.

  34. victorelshelton Avatar

    That’s what I talking about. Excellent chose. Victor

  35. clifford kme Avatar
    clifford kme

    Looking for something like this

  36. Hector Avatar

    Great stuff Thanx

  37. Jim C Avatar
    Jim C

    Pretty slick way to add something new for my daily practice sessions. Hopefully, soon I will move into the intermediate zone and be able to step up and jam.

  38. Leon Avatar

    Now that’s a real nice job. How about in the next one Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes “Bad Luck”. I played before but now trying to start again.

  39. Joe Dunbar Avatar
    Joe Dunbar

    Wicked video clips. Just some nice grooves that become easy to play once you’ve broken them down for us. Once I’ve mastered them, I’ll look far better than I actually am!! Thanks Alex, cool stuff.

  40. Tony Storey Avatar
    Tony Storey

    This is a great idea Alex, and incredibly helpful for time pressed individuals like so many of us are these days. One suggestion is that it would be great include a demo of the chorus for those songs that have them. In that way you could enable us to be able make good attempt at the whole song with minimal effort. Thanks for being so helpful in all you do… It’s very much appreciated.

  41. George Brown Avatar
    George Brown

    As usual your stuff is first class. Please keep it coming! Thanks.
    From yet another guy in the UK.

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Many thanks my friend!

  42. Robert Avatar

    Sounds good Mp3 files downloaded OK but PDF files refuse to open no matter how I try. Says it is corrupted The Adobe reader is the latist version. A pity as it looked like thiswould have been of great use to me

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hmm Robert that’s strange… I just tried it and it opened well – I’ll have it re-uploaded… If anyone else has that problem let me know…

  43. Johann Avatar

    My man. You make that look easy and simple!

  44. Bill Reed Avatar
    Bill Reed

    not heard from you for some time but so good to know you have not forgot your old customers.
    thank for keeping me informed with your 5 bass songs

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hey Bill yeah i have been away for some time but you guys are never forgotten… Thanks for all the support over the years! I appreciate you!

  45. Ray Avatar

    Alex – Great stuff!

    My 13yr son is exactly in that place you describe… intermediate beginner that lives with his mom and every time he picks up his bass to practice, she interrupts with something else for him to do. His frustration is off the charts!

    I give him credit though, we are now performing live at local dance studios for the students on a regular basis and there are a couple of tunes we do that feature the bass lines he’s developed on his own. We don’t play covers… I write our own stuff for our three piece and he’s written a couple of great bass grooves for them.

    I would so appreciate anything you can publish that helps keep him motivated and interested… when he hits it – his groove is solid and right on! The dancers always rave about his grove being solid and how it brings everything together.

    I wish for great things for my son and I think your approach is right on track for him to continue growing as a musician.

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Wow Ray that’s great to hear! I remember when i was 13 messing around on guitar and drums. Kudos to your son and do anything you can to keep him going… You never know the great places and awesome times music can lead us to! Peace and thanks for the kinds words.

  46. garry Avatar

    good stuff alex. love the slow motion repeat… more cool stuff to practice after scales and arpeggios!

  47. Bill D. Avatar
    Bill D.

    This was good. Look forward to getting the MP3 and PDF email.

  48. Johnny Avatar

    Very interesting. This will help me from getting my fingers tangled up. Thanks!

  49. Bob Avatar

    Nice video Alex. Just the sort of thing I need.

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