Video #1 – 5 Irresistible Beginner Bass Riffs Every Bass Player Ought to Know.
Please look *BELOW* the video for a *BLUE BUTTON* that says
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  1. Really help bring some things together that I was working on looking forward to next lesson

  2. docphillycheese

    this lesson is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks alot

  3. Nisi Jacobs

    Very much like this approach, cut through all the layers and density, and look at each song you used in this tutorial (know them all and love them and haven’t played them but for a few) as a place to learn the essential language – forms – grammer, etc. Makes me think of watching several great films from different genres, comedy, action, documentary, etc. and looking at certain scenes as a way to understand filmmaking language, this is the same approach but with the vast bass catalogue we already know and love.. great great insight! Am going to try this..

  4. Arthur Johnson

    I like the Video little advance ffor me the fingering on the frte, but I love a challenge thanks.

  5. docphillycheese

    thanks Alex I plan on purchasing S.B.P.S. soon.

  6. Olivia

    Wow! This style of teaching bass totally makes spence to me! Music truly is a seconed language and should be taught like learning one as said here. I’m super excited to better my skills, and jam to tho’s great classic bass lines!!

  7. T

    I used to teach English as a Second Language. I used the same method to teach English that you use to teach bass, i.e., understand (by hearing), speak, read, then write. I’m looking forward to the course.


  8. muchas gracias por la informacion es muy util para mi!!! Blessed love.

  9. Gustavo

    Thanks for share your talent for free. God bless you.

  10. Elwood Mitchell

    Loved the video,keep up the good work. Very helpful

  11. Matt

    Watching this video is very educational and makes me to learn those cool riffs on my bass.

  12. Ken


  13. David Rothenbeg

    Alex, looks like this will be exciting and very informative

  14. Barry B

    Solid and easy to to play along with

  15. Sly

    Excellent!, Can’t wait to learn more

  16. Nice simple THANKS

  17. Ernie

    I like it!!!!!

  18. Zunelvvis

    Today was my first bass-guitar class ever. What a beautiful feelling. What I can trusly say is that I’m addictive to your way of teaching already. Graciasssss!!!
    Zunelvis :0)

  19. Jerry

    Thanks this first video is definitely going to give me something to look forward too

  20. Alfonso Smedley

    The lesson was very interesting and i’m looking foward to lesson two/Thanks

  21. Alfonso Smedley

    good lesson, thanks

  22. mike o

    I liked the video lesson and am looking forward to more.

  23. Denis


  24. i have been playing bass for years youir selection of beginner riffs is right on. even though i have been playing for a while i still check out lessons like these because everbody has a different approach. great video..!

  25. Bryant

    Great video. I’m excited to be learning the bass. Thanks for the lessons and insights.