Coming Up With Great Bass Riffs


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Almost every time I show this silly little exercise for coming up with great bass riffs to a student we go through the same cycle…

First they almost shrug off the idea because it either doesn’t seem hip, it’s too easy or they have a readymade excuse as to why it won’t work for them…

I get them to agree that they’ll at least humor me long enough to try it for 15 minutes then the day after I usually hear back from them…

…Bubbling with excitement over the dozen cool bass riffs they came up with during the marathon practice session they enjoyed the day before.

I’m not even remotely surprised anymore…

But I do bring this up because I don’t want you to make any of the same assumptions almost every one else does…

Not only does this work, it also does more for your musicality on your instrument than learning 100 scales will ever do.

What’s this under the radar “bass boosting secret”?

Well of course you’re gonna have to watch today’s video to find out… It’s only right isn’t it? ☺

I can tell you though…

As simple as this seems, what you’re really doing here, in mere minutes, is tapping into your biggest, strongest, most dependable catalog of instinctive musical know-how and putting it to work for you in a GIANT way.







8 responses to “Coming Up With Great Bass Riffs”

  1. Ewald Avatar

    Thank you Alex, it works.

  2. Barry Joyner Avatar
    Barry Joyner

    Yo Alex! I’m 53 yrs old. Wish I learned this tip 30 yrs ago!! Thanks!!!

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      🙂 Never to late to pick up something new bruh! Peace and groove…

  3. John H Green Avatar
    John H Green

    You are the man, your ideas are so down to earth. I am really connecting with your vibes.
    Thanks a lot you really make me know I am on the right trail.

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      real glad to hear you diggin’ it bruh! peace and groove… Be sure to check out Simple Bass Playing System if you liked the videos so far.

  4. Ousmane Avatar

    Hello Alex
    I have traveled a lot throughout my life and have been exposed to different genres of music a lot them with no sheet music always loved the bass and percussions. I decided to pickup the bass last year even though I did learn scales etc… The videos I have from you really help me. I do not play covers I take riffs here and there and put them together trying to play by feel. During my “class” with my tutor I usually spend sometime on theory but for the most part we jam using what I just learned for example D minor. I get to play whatever I want within the notes with my on feel and rythm.
    Your introduction videos gave me a lot of words as you call them that I can use to build my own phrases.
    I would like the full system I now see portions are accessible online. I am currently not in the US and would like to discuss the options available. When you have time please drop me a message

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hi Ousmane, great to hear from you. Our system is available for use worldwide. Check it out here:

  5. Dan Pomaville Avatar

    I want to learn ,I won’t quit For trying

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