Video 3 – Constructing Great Sounding Basslines

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#CC0000″]Video #3 – How to Create Great-Sounding
Original Bass Lines the S.B.P.S. Way![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Please look *BELOW* the video for a *BLUE BUTTON* that says
*DOWNLOAD TABS* if you need help with the notes!

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1,141 responses to “Video 3 – Constructing Great Sounding Basslines”

  1. Floyd Avatar

    I haven’t picked up a Bass in over 25 years, and I was no good then, but your videos gave me renewed confidence, so easy, makes all that theory stuff obsolete.

  2. bluemask32 Avatar

    Well, done, thanks a million for the great tips. Your web site is something I have been looking for for a very long time. Thanks again.

  3. Chris Avatar

    You the Man ALEX, That Luciel is quit a girl. Hope my fingers don,t get vaporlocked. This lessons what ive been wating for.Thanks again Alex, this old Texas odgs loven it.

  4. Willie wilson Avatar
    Willie wilson

    Love this systrm this is what i been looking for im abeginer but this i understand better looking foward to more

  5. Willie wilson Avatar
    Willie wilson

    Love this systrm this is what i been looking for im abeginer but this i understand better looking foward to more GOD BLESS

  6. Randall Avatar

    Amen Alex! This has been just wonderful for me, your lessons really inspire confidence! Thank You and God Bless you!

  7. Chris Avatar

    Alex , haven,t recieved your 4th vidio. may start jonesing any minute. you are an exceptional instructior and i was very fortunate to come upon your sight. being an educator myself i admire the way you present your instruction, presuming we have no knwledge of what you are attempting to get across is the only way in my oppinion, and you do it very well. God bless you and keep up the good work,you the man. oldTexas dog

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      haha hi Chris, thanks! Think maybe the next lesson email went to your spam box? Possible?

  8. Joe Louis Avatar
    Joe Louis

    Alex, thank you for the two patterns They really helped me
    Thank you again. I am just starting out and You are my bass playing TEACHER

  9. Joe Louis Avatar
    Joe Louis

    Thank you so much Alex !
    You are number 1

  10. David Nelson Avatar
    David Nelson


    Great short video. Question: Will your follow-up video include these moves starting on the third string root?


  11. Darlene Avatar

    Awesome! This is what i needed to get me out of my “stuck” box. I play for several hours but just couldn’t get the bass lines to flow. My mentor is going to wonderful what woke me up! Thanks Alex.

  12. David Nelson Avatar
    David Nelson

    Hey Alex,

    Watched the video again, great stuff!!! I’m actually a guitar player, for 40 plus years and picked up the bass about 10 years past and took private lessons. I regret to say that I am still a bass guitar beginner!?

    My main bass challenges still remain: 1) Developing the ability to intuitively create rhythmic bass lines, hearing what I need to listen to in order to create those rhythms; 2) Right & left hand coordination, including string muting; 3) Full chordal usage; 4) Usage of passing notes outside scale or chord… among probably countless other challenges.

    Would you please consider doing a special video aimed at helping “treble-minded” people like me, finally grasp the bass world and so be able to embrass it and create beautiful music like Stanley Clarke?



  13. Jeremy Winsor Avatar
    Jeremy Winsor

    Amen!!!!!! This seems too simple. I thought that learning the base was going to be much harder. Keep the videos coming.

    Thanks again…..

  14. bigfrank Avatar

    Great video and tips for beginner like me, thanks.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. bigfrank Avatar

    Hello. Alex,

    Do you have any bass player teacher in Atlanta, Ga that teach your style?

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      nope but you can learn my entire method no matter where you are with this course: – Cheers!

  16. Lou Avatar

    Very informative! Thanks

  17. David Nelson Avatar
    David Nelson

    Hi Alex,

    Haven’t received a follow-up e-mail in several days and was wondering…

    Am I still on your e-mail list (I Hope!)


    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hi David, I’ll take a look see 🙂

  18. Joseph Avatar

    Well Done! I’m a total beginner and what you taught made a lot of sense. Keep up the good work!

  19. Harris Avatar


  20. moses Avatar

    dis a eye opening for me i now understand wat it means to hhave good bass lines

  21. mick Avatar

    yes hes my man just the sort of thing we new players need. GREAT

  22. randolph Avatar

    I will tell you this, thanks. you are a great teacher. I want to take advantage of you knowledge. because I want to enjoy my home life after a day of work.

  23. John Avatar

    Amen alex
    i learnt chord formation on bass. it was informative.
    tnx n God bless u.

  24. p.bults Avatar

    Hey, Alex

    Great videos,but i dont get your mails anymore.


    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Really? Hmm that’s weird… what was the last lesson you got?..

  25. Marcus Avatar

    Cool – I like it. I stopped playing bass for almost 20 Years and I restart now. Your videos give me good exercise. Thank you so much!

  26. Kevin Avatar

    I’m really likening this lessons, keep it up you are the best teacher! Blesses from Puerto Rico!!!

  27. frank cronin Avatar
    frank cronin

    fantastic stuff…
    i enjoyed the video very much and hope to get some practice at the tips at the weekend and also to watch the stuff i’ve missed…
    ‘m going to stick with this, you are such a good teacher and easy to follow…
    i won’t give up on you if you don’t give up on me

  28. col strath Avatar
    col strath

    After all these years not feelin it,
    you have shown it to me
    fantastic,so simple.

  29. brian Avatar

    Hi Alex, thank you for lifting some clouds…AAAmen…Bye for now.

  30. John Voss Avatar
    John Voss

    Hey Alex! Well done! Exactly what I was looking for. I want to learn how to create bass lines, not just play other bass lines. You hit it out of the park…

    Keep up the good work.

  31. Mike Avatar


    This was a great building block, frm a great teacher


  32. Carlos J. Wilson Avatar
    Carlos J. Wilson

    Amen bruh… Man, this exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been playing bass for 18 years and I am so ashamed to say that I did not know how to for chords and all this other simple stuff that you are teaching. I have found myself starting back to playing every day. I have even gone out and bought me a pair of head phones so I don’t disturb my wife. Man I thank God for you. Be blessed bruh.

  33. Jerry cassin Avatar
    Jerry cassin

    I really like your instruction, however, your note tab download are coming thru on a colored background and the note tabs are too faint to read, anything you can do different in this area would be most helpful–like maybe eliminating the background colors.


    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Jerry, right click on the link and DOWNLOAD the tabs to your computer… you’ll see there are no background colors on the tabs. If you just click on the link and it loads in your browser you’re not gonna get the correct representation of the file. Peace

  34. John Avatar

    Amen and excellent Enjoyed the video.

  35. Russ Avatar

    nice lesson! will really help. Cant wait till the next lesson!

  36. Russ Avatar

    Nice! cant wait for the 4th video!

  37. Glen Avatar

    Enjoyed the video,was very easy understanding the patterns and how to use them can’t wait for next video.

  38. Tommy Dean Avatar
    Tommy Dean

    Nice tips & conveyed well. Really like the chord to root note relationship.

  39. Gil McNaughton Avatar
    Gil McNaughton

    Excellent lesson! Just what I needed.

  40. Robin Avatar

    Yes, I have always wanted to play the bass guitar. Your way of explaining simple cords make it easy to understand, and play easier. You make it easy to follow along. Thanks!

  41. Dave Green Avatar
    Dave Green

    Great course so far Alex, when’ll the rest be available? Your lessons have been so helpful – I can’t wait!

  42. Lori Avatar

    Thank you so much! AMEN!!! that was a wonderful lesson!!!

  43. Todd Avatar

    I like this Alex. Simple but adds feel and the bottem end to any song. Beats just paying open string notes.

  44. leo Avatar

    WOW! awsome. im beginner and i need to learn how to play bass ASAP! and i did not get your 4th video!

  45. Steph Avatar

    Thank you Alex, this is brilliant! :0) – Steph UK

  46. belinda young Avatar
    belinda young

    hey.great stuff. if i could get one on one with i wouldnt let you go. but iam glad we are connected tru the vedio.and you give me something to look forward to everyday. so dont stop.your new freind.

    1. alexsampson Avatar

      Hi Belinda, now you got me blushing 😉 – Keep pressing forward and always keep it groovy! Cheers

  47. Thomas Avatar

    That was very awesome i really enjoyed it was a good learning experience!!!!!!!!!

  48. Larry Avatar


  49. michael silver Avatar

    this system is much easier than other ones I tried, looking forward to the next ones.


  50. Daniel Williams Avatar
    Daniel Williams

    I’m playing bass again after a 20 year break and I must say that you are inspiring me. Even though you are showing us the basics I am learning so much from you. Thank you.

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